November 2009

Board Holds Licensing Ceremony

The Board of Registration for Engineers and Surveyors and the South Carolina Society of Professional Engineers continue to sponsor licensing ceremonies twice annually for individuals who pass the PE and LS examinations. The most recent ceremony was held on July 14, 2009, in the State House, where 17 newly licensed engineers and surveyors received their wall certificate presented by Board members (with much picture-taking by relatives and friends).

The Board offers congratulations to everyone who passed the April 2009 exams and encourages them to become involved in the profession as a way of giving back and mentoring others. The ceremony and reception that follows are proud moments for parents, spouses, friends and others who helped along the way, and it is a fitting tribute to the newest professional engineers and land surveyors who worked so hard to achieve the goal of becoming licensed. Congratulations to all new licensees!