August 2006

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Man moving some boxes.Change of Address

It is very important that you notify the Board office if your address changes. Please remember it is your responsibility to keep our records current. You may e-mail the change directly to Susan Hicks or access online services. You may send the changes by fax to (803) 896-4427 or mail them to us. We cannot take address changes over the phone.

REMINDER: You may use Licensee Lookup on this website to make sure we have your current address or to find another licensee's address. Want to know if someone is currently licensed in South Carolina? Check Licensee Lookup. (Only licenses in ACTIVE status will be on Licensee Lookup.) If that person is not listed, he/she is probably not licensed. One word of caution: make sure you have the correct spelling of the names. If you are unsure of the spelling, use as few letters as possible. If in doubt about someone's license, please contact the Board office.